Specialisms                                                                                                                                                                                           Deutsch

Art & Culture, Literature, Food & Drink, Alternative Energy, Telecommunications, Sport & Tourism, History & Politics, Marketing and Institutional Language

Art & Culture
particularly visual art (painting, printing
and photography) and modern music
Contributing translator to "The Last Freedom" - Land Art exhibition catalogue for the Ludwig Museum, Koblenz. Artist and gallery press releases, websites, pr
ess coverage and essays. Music rights agreements. My MA dissertation was on Holocaust memorial art and the restitution of Jewish possessions in Austria and is due to be used as part of the undergraduate syllabus at Exeter University in the next academic year.

Food & Drink
particularly wine, beer and Southern German and Austrian cuisine

Recipes, menus, tasting notes and short articles on local specialities for hotels and vineyards. Having worked in the hotel and catering industry for several years, most recently under Michelin-recommended Austrian chef Werner Rott, I have a strong basis for translating in the field.

Alternative Energy
particularly small-scale photovoltaic and wind turbines
Specifications, marketing materials, press releases and websites for an international providers of alternative energy systems and regulations, surveys and reports for an international government body.

particularly radio and television and digital accessibility
Awareness schemes, reports and surveys for an international government body.

Sport & Tourism
particularly water-sports, winter-sports and cycling; gourmet- and Wellness-tourism
Websites and press releases for major international sporting events such as the 2009 UCI World Road Cycling Championships, bike and board descriptions for manufacturers.  Website spa and Wellness facility descriptions for hotels and resorts.

History & Politics

particularly Islam, the Crusades, the Holy Roman Empire and 20th century revolutionary movements
Translation of "Europe for Us", a book on the history and future of the European Union by former head of the European Commission External Service, Christian D. Falkowski (in association with www.leginda.com). A chapter on the history of the modern engine in "Modern Performance and Emission Testing Procedures" by Florian Vierling (in association with www.leginda.com).  Biographical sketches and chronologies of local history for regional tourism boards. BA in History from Keele University.

Promotional materials and websites for various manufacturing and companies. Idiomatic, catchy slogans with understanding of target audience.  Work in tandem with images presented.

Institutional Language
particularly for universities and government institutions
Surveys, forms, mail-outs, standard letters and websites. Adhering to, adding to and, in some cases, establishing termbases and style guides.


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